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Home Depot eProcurement Program


Headquartered in Georgia, Home Depot is a Fortune 50 company that’s also one of the most trusted businesses ingrained in your community. To help them help you more, GMA has worked with Home Depot’s government leadership team to provide exclusive discounts, volume pricing, and annual rebates to Georgia cities. Our Home Depot Government Solutions program helps you save money on many critical items that you need to maintain your city’s buildings.
Home Depot representatives walk webinar participants through the sign-up process and data review for the Home Depot Government Solutions program offered through GMA.


Using GMA’s Home Depot Government Solutions program is not only good for your city’s bottom line, it also provides you specialized services—from dedicated Home Depot support to tax exemptions—that make your building repair and implementation needs much easier to solve.

Because this program is part of US Communities (contract numbers #16154 and #170009), you may purchase directly and immediately from Home Depot without worrying about RFPs, competitive requirements or other procurement hurdles.

Save Money

In addition to Home Depot’s already competitively low prices, GMA’s Home Depot Government Solutions program helps you save money through:
  • Special Discounts: If you typically go to Home Depot and buy products off the shelf, you’re paying too much. Home Depot offers you special discounts when you buy through GMA (such as 20% off paints, stains and primers).
  • Volume Pricing: For orders over $1,000, you receive special volume pricing that helps you reduce costs on major purchases.
  • Annual Rebate: Cities receive an annual rebate of 3 percent—with no minimum spending threshold.
Did you know that Home Depot sells items—like telephone poles—that are not available at retail stores but are easily purchased online through GMA’s Home Depot government portal?

Save Time

GMA’s Home Depot eProcurement Program also helps you save time by:
  • Shipping items directly to you. Instead of sending city staff to pick up items at a nearby store, Home Depot ships items direct to city hall or another location you desire.
  • Providing an easy way to purchase items and manage your account online. It's easy to purchase items online. GMA gives you access to a customer-friendly website that's different from HomeDepot.com and specifically designed for government eProcurement. Plus, you can see the history of your purchases and export data to your accounting software.
  • Receiving a dedicated support person assigned to your account. Each city receives an assigned Home Depot support team member. These team members are trained to help cities and they understand your needs.
  • Simplifying your tax preparation. All your Home Depot-related eProcurement information is easily accessible and reviewable when doing taxes. Our online portal provides one-step tax exemption registration with email renewal reminders.

Additional Benefits

Not convinced yet? Some additional benefits of GMA’s Home Depot Government Solutions program include:
  • Setting up different accounts for different city departments. Each department at your city can set up an account with different forms of purchasing and tracking that are tailored to that department.
  • Using Home Depot for renovation and installation projects. Beyond buying items, you can use GMA’s Home Depot Government Solutions Program for professional renovation and installation. Dedicated contractors with government experience can help you with projects such as roofing or window installation.
  • Augmenting your emergency response planning. If a disaster strikes, Home Depot is ready to help your city by supporting your crisis command center with whatever you need.
  • Helping your city become more eco-friendly and sustainable. Home Depot’s eco-friendly products can assist with your efforts to become more energy efficient and sustainable.


There is no cost to participate and no minimum spending requirements. Plus, your account is already set up. Just activate it and start saving money.


Shopping Website
Click to access your city’s shopping portal.  Click for a video on how to order. First time shoppers must register. See New User Registration instructions below.
New User Registration:
Buyers who wants to shop in the portal must register.  For first time user setup follow these instructions.

Important: Do not change the “Registration Code” value – see below
  1. Click to access registration.
  2. Do not change the “Registration Code” value. This ties your user account to your city and the GMA Home Depot benefits program. Otherwise your purchases will not qualify for the rebate.
  3. You will receive an email confirming your login and a temporary password.
  4. Click to login in to the purchasing portal. First time login will prompt you for change in password. Please type the temporary password. Do NOT copy and paste from the email.
  5. Shop and Save!
For more information on how to create your cities' account and begin purchasing, download this guide.

For more information about the Home Depot Government Solutions Program, you can reach out to Darin Jenkins at (678) 686-6264, Eileen Thomas at (678) 686-6232 or James Brent at (678) 686-6349. If you are outside of the Atlanta metro area, you may call toll-free (888) 488-4462. You may also contact the Home Depot Pro Government Team at Progovtteam@homedepot.com or (844) 233-9702 EXT. 63085.
Learn how to access your city's shopping portal.
  Learn how to register for a shopping account.
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GMA has set up a working relationship with Home Depot that helps cities save money and acquire goods in a more efficient manner. Through using the Home Depot Government Solutions Program, you’re entitled as a city to discounted government pricing that lowers your costs even more. Getting to that steep discounted price can be hard to do on your own—and GMA has already done this hard work for you.