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April 11, 2018   |  Mayor Phil Best of Dublin, GMA's Second Vice President and GMA Federal Policy Council Chair
Despite significant investments, local and state funds will not be enough to meet cities needs for transportation, rural broadband, water and sewer, public safety, and other critical needs. For us to succeed in addressing comprehensive infrastructure needs, the federal government must remain a long-term partner.


March 16, 2018   |  Kent Wyatt, Co-Founder, ELGL and Stacy Wall Schweikhart, Board of Directors, ELGL
We’re submitting this article on Feb. 15 also known as Singles Awareness Day, National Gumdrop Day, and National I Want Butter­scotch Day. This is important be­cause City Hall Selfie Day started in 2016 when Engaging Local Gov­ernment Leaders (ELGL) member and Routt County Deputy County Manager Dan Weinheimer noted the ridiculousness of holidays like these and wondered why we are not celebrating local government. 


March 8, 2018   |  Larry Hanson, Executive Director, GMA
In this month’s front page story highlighting GMA’s Annual Convention, you’ll notice our theme “The Character of Cities.” We take this theme a step further with a focus on the words, “civility, kindness and inclusion.” Mayor Dorothy Hubbard has made the topic of civility a cornerstone of her GMA presidency, and with good reason. 


March 6, 2018   |  Larry Hanson, Executive Director, Georgia Municipal Association
Wireless telecommunication companies seeking to pass state laws in their favor argue the main impediment to broadband deployment is the local governments. We’ve found this to be quite the contrary. Cities across Georgia are approving small cell permits at a high rate.


February 22, 2018   |  Susan Moore, General Counsel, GMA
A city’s charter is an important and guiding document for the city. It is a law that cannot be ignored. When your city council adopts ordinanc­es, they must be consistent with the city’s charter and applicable state law. Sometimes the mayor and city council disagree on who has certain powers under the charter. The city council may pass ordinances to clarify this or simply to shift power, but when do their actions come into conflict with the charter?


February 19, 2018   |  Christopher Tomlinson, Executive Director, Georgia State Road and Tollway Authority
Georgia’s roadway infrastructure network is a key reason the state has been named the No.1 state in the na­tion in which to do business. To continue to be the best state in which to do busi­ness Georgia has continued to invest in its roadway infrastructure. House Bill 170, approved in 2015, was a landmark step that will generate nearly $1 billion annually. But additional innovate financing mecha­nisms also continue to be funded and made available to Georgia’s local governments.


February 6, 2018   |  Albany Mayor Dorothy Hubbard, GMA President
“Be nice.” That’s the sage advice of Dalton, a bouncer at a rough bar, as portrayed by Patrick Swayze in the movie Road House (admit it, you’ve watched the movie on cable TV). While Dalton was focusing on how to handle unruly customers, I believe there’s quite a bit of wisdom packed into those two words for us as city officials.


February 2, 2018   |  Rusi Patel, Senior Associate General Counsel, GMA
“Local control.” As city officials and employees it is the mantra that drives us to improve our local communities. Politicians running for federal and state offices also speak glowingly of local control—well, until it becomes inconvenient to their goals. But what does “local control” really mean and how does it really work in the complex world of federal and state laws?


January 16, 2018   |  Tom Berry - Vice President, Underwood & Company
We finally realized that if we wanted to improve the competitive position of our local businesses, save existing jobs and be attractive to new companies wanting to locate in Thomasville, the community had to provide this important service by constructing a fiber optic-based, municipal network. We met with heads of local industry, education and healthcare to further gauge local support. 


January 11, 2018   |  Rep. Kevin Tanner R-Dawsonville
Due to strong legislative and political leadership, this progress has truly positioned Georgia to become the transportation, logistics and mobility capital of the United States. However, there is still work to do. To achieve our goal, the state needs to continue to foster bold, visionary leadership into the future. 


January 11, 2018   |  Larry Hanson, GMA Executive Director
I'm excited to begin this next phase of my career as your Executive Director of GMA, and I am grateful for the opportunity to lead such an amazing organization. I have heard from so many GMA members and appreciate the outpouring of support and encouragement as we embark on this journey together. 


November 16, 2017   |  Robert Singletary, Past President, Georgia Association of Fire Chiefs
The gas industry in Georgia understands the importance of proper training for responding to gas emergencies, which is why these professionals have partnered with us at the Georgia Association of Fire Chiefs (GAFC) to create the Georgia Pipeline Emergency Response Initiative (GPERI). 


November 14, 2017   |  Albany Mayor Dorothy Hubbard, GMA President
One thing that invariably happens to us as elected officials is that people and organizations want our time, and they want us to engage with them. To be effective leaders that have a broad under­standing of what is going on in our communi­ties, regions and state, we should want to be engaged with others. 


October 23, 2017   |  Gretchen Corbin, Commissioner, Technical College System of Georgia
Georgia has been named the num­ber one state to do business four years in a row. As Georgia’s economy grows, the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) strives to ensure a steady flow of qualified workers for our existing and new employers within Georgia. 


October 20, 2017   |  Kevin Shea President, Georgia Economic Developers Association
I’m proud to share that some of the recent GEDA programs have focused on placemaking and film development. These programs have highlighted the ways that cities can benefit from and partner with GEDA. In building these new programs and seeing the benefits of the GEDA network, we’ve seen cities take their concerns in public safety, infrastructure and broadband and make developers from across the state aware of their needs and opportunities for new investments.


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