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October 30, 2018   |  By Susan Moore, General Counsel, GMA
Maurice Walker was arrested by city po­lice on Sept. 3, 2015 for being a pedestrian under the influence of alcohol. Because he was homeless and in­digent, Walker couldn’t pay the stan­dard $160 bail to secure his release and was jailed pending the next mu­nicipal court session. The city of Cal­houn’s municipal court was held each Monday but because the upcoming Monday was Labor Day... 


October 29, 2018   |  Lacy Beasley, President & COO, Retail Strategies
Eco­nomic Development professionals were trained to not focus on retail because it will take care of it­self. This philosophy may have been true in a Baby Boomer generation, but it doesn’t stand true in a Millennial generation. Millennials don’t choose their home location based solely on a job.


October 15, 2018   |  Steve Dolinger, President, Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education
The economic strength of cities, counties and states lies with their residents and their ability to adapt and thrive in an ever-evolving workforce. In recent years, Georgia has experienced explosive economic growth and is working diligently to sustain it.


October 2, 2018   |  Rusi Patel, Senior Associate General Counsel, GMA
There are a number of sharing economy platforms by which homeowners might rent their properties, such as Airbnb, HomeAway and VRBO. However, short-term rentals do not have to utilize such platforms and have historically occurred, especially in vacation communities, through the use of property management companies.


October 1, 2018   |  Dwayne Orrick, Assistant Executive Director, Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police
Having a safe community is becoming as important as a good education system and solid infrastructure. Because of this, it is critical leaders view their police department and its personnel as an investment in the future of their community.


October 1, 2018   |  Auburn Mayor Linda Blechinger, GMA President
Much of what we do with the city and our other commitments is focused outward, responding to external demands and pressures and looking to the future. Something that a lot of us don’t focus on, or focus on enough, is taking a hard look inward at our city staff and develop recruitment, retention and succession planning strategies to meet the needs of our cities.


August 28, 2018   |  Caroline Dorsey, GMA Assistant General Counsel
Can your employer discipline you for a social media post?


August 20, 2018   |  Steve Card, CPRP, Executive Director, Georgia Recreation and Park Association
Local parks and recreation play a key role in achieving these desired outcomes. Through fa­cilities and programming, community members en­gage in the outdoors, get healthier and connect to places to find relaxation.


July 6, 2018   |  Michele Arwood, Executive Director, Thomasville Center for the Arts
Tucked amid the longleaf pines in the southwest corner of Georgia lies Thomasville. A quintessential rural southern city where one feels a palpable sense of place and strong community pride in the historic assets.


June 29, 2018   |  Linda Blechinger, GMA President
The act of civility will bring people to the table. Embracing kindness will allow for discourse and the exchange of ideas. And it will be through the act of inclusion that the solutions to the issues we face in our communities will be solved.


May 23, 2018   |  Rusi Patel Patel, GMA Senior Associate General Counsel
A few weeks ago I was driving through a small town in Indiana. It was sleeting and snowing and cold. It also happened to be the day of “March for Our Lives,” a student-led demonstration in support of tighter gun regulations. Despite the terrible weather, as I drove by the courthouse I noted dozens of people out on the courthouse steps. It reminded me of my time working for a city in Southeastern Georgia almost a decade ago when we had a similarly sized Tea Party protest in front of the courthouse on a miserably hot summer day.


May 21, 2018   |  By Patrick Ibarra, Co-Founder and Partner, The Mejorando Group
According to a recent Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) Forecast, “The Top Workplace Trends According to HR Professionals,” 57 percent of the responding HR professionals foresee a shortage of skilled workers having a major strategic impact on their organizations. 


May 18, 2018   |  Harlem Mayor Roxanne Whitaker
Let me welcome you to Harlem, Georgia—the birthplace of Oliver Hardy and home to the Harlem Bulldogs. Harlem is the smaller of two municipalities located in one of the fastest growing counties in Georgia—Columbia County (approximately 150,000 residents). 


May 16, 2018   |  Larry Hanson, GMA Executive Director
Days after the 2018 legislative session ended, many Georgians flocked to Augusta to watch some of the world’s best golfers take to the course. It seems appropriate to me that the two events, the Masters and the session, follow so closely. 


April 13, 2018   |  Anika Goss-Foster, Executive Director, Detroit Future City
Many of Detroit’s neighborhoods still struggle with high rates of poverty and disinvestment, with 36 percent of residents who live below the federal poverty line and 52 percent of residents live in areas of concentrated poverty. It’s not unusual to have to respond to divestment with a high level of targeted investment to create transformational change. 


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