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Baseball Tomorrow

Grantor: Baseball Tomorrow Fund (BTF)
Posted: January 11, 2019
Due: April 1, 2019

The Baseball Tomorrow Fund (BTF) awards grants to non-profit and tax-exempt organizations involved in the operation of youth baseball and/or softball programs and facilities. To date, an average of 150 requests are received annually; approximately 20 percent are awarded grants. Grants are awarded on a quarterly basis.

  • Grants are intended to provide funding for incremental programming and facilities for youth baseball and softball programs, not for normal operating expenses or as a substitute for existing funding or fundraising activities.
  • The funds may be used to finance a new program, expand or improve an existing program, undertake a new collaborative effort, or obtain facilities or equipment necessary for youth baseball or softball programs.
  • Grants are designed to be flexible to enable applicants to address needs unique to their communities.

To be eligible, applicants must be a nonprofit tax-exempt organization involved in the operation of youth baseball and/or softball programs and facilities. 

Contact Information
Baseball Tomorrow Fund
245 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10167
Email: btf@mlb.com

The Grants Update is sent each day at 3:00 PM when new grants have been added in the previous 24 hours.

Resource: Federal and State Resources for Infrastructure Projects

Before your city applies for federal grants:

  • Appoint a contact person
  • Register with Grants.gov using the following steps (please note: this may take between 3 business days and 3 weeks):
Additional information can be found here or by contacting Grants.gov Applicant Support at 1-800-518-4726.