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June 15, 2018   |  The Brookings Institution
Renewing the Water Workforce presents a new water workforce playbook for public, private, and civic partners to use in future hiring, training, and retention efforts. Water jobs offer significant economic opportunity, including occupational variety, equitable wages, lower educational barriers to entry, and the need for more diverse, young talent.


June 15, 2018   |  Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
This article by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta explains the problem of heirs' property in the Southeast and presents outreach and legal reform as mitigation strategies.


June 15, 2018   |  Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
This infographic produced by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta defines heirs' property and explains the prevalence and relevance of this topic for blight remediation.


June 15, 2018
The Cornerstone Webinar Series from the Center For Community Progress is a FREE monthly lunchtime webinar series that equips participants with the building blocks to understand and solve tough challenges related to property vacancy, abandonment, and deterioration. Webinars take place from 12:00-1:00pm EST on the fourth Thursday of each month.


June 11, 2018
Cities across Georgia are uncovering unique ways to showcase their personalities, partnerships, character and history through public art exhibits. From the turtles in Sandy Springs to the Bulldogs in Athens these displays have become their own claims to fame.


June 7, 2018   |  Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Blight is a critical  issue in many U.S. cities, as economic shifts in the past few decades have changed neighborhoods. This paper, Blight Remediation in the Southeast: Local Approaches to Design and Implementation, describes several findings and lessons learned in terms of regional blight remediation efforts in New Orleans and Macon. 


May 31, 2018   |  Center for State and Local Government Excellence
Compiled since 2009 by the Center for State and Local Government Excellence, this report reflects the latest public sector workforce trends as reported by human resources personnel within state and local government.


May 31, 2018   |  National League of Cities
Now in its fifth year, the National League of Cities’ annual State of the Cities report provides an in-depth analysis of mayoral speeches. The analysis pinpoints specific tactics and policies, as well as broader major policy directions.


May 24, 2018   |  Government Executive
How can organizations strengthen their effectiveness in identifying and developing emerging leaders? While there are many factors involved in this important work, this article presents a process and vocabulary around three lenses of awareness and introduces ground rules for navigating this process with an emphasis on observation and continuous coaching.


May 24, 2018   |  Best Best & Krieger LLP
Throughout history, successful governments have created and maintained infrastructure that has allowed for growth, innovation and prosperity. What happens, however, when governments do not continue to make long-term and strategic investments in infrastructure? How can governments maintain current levels of success and prosperity when the bill for failing to invest in infrastructure, or prepare for climate change, start to come due?


May 23, 2018   |  Philips Lighting and Macon-Bibb County
Macon-Bibb County representatives walk webinar participants through a lighting replacement plan and process with the assistance of the vendor, Philips Lighting.


May 22, 2018
During the spring of 2018, GMA offered a workshop focusing on background check, alcohol licensing, and ISO community ratings in various locations throughout the state. Representatives from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the Georgia Department of Revenue, and ISO made presentations and answered questions about the topics.


May 21, 2018   |  Gale Horton Gay
Debate over climate change continues worldwide in scientific, political and public circles. However, many Georgia coastal residents as well as political and business leaders hold that the effects of climate change and rising sea levels are real and not up for debate.


May 21, 2018
Hogansville Councilmember George Bailey described the city’s new Purple Heart City recognition as an “expression of gratitude on behalf of the ‘City of Friendly People’” to honor the sacrifices made by combat veterans.


May 16, 2018   |  Gale Horton Gay
Regardless of where one lives or works in the Peach State, changes in the climate can have a profound effect on everyday life.


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