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August 1, 2018   |  Governing Magazine
Across sectors, full-time female employees earn only 83 percent of what full-time male employees earn. The gender pay gap is even bigger for public administration jobs. Governments across the country are now pursuing ways to reduce this historical discrepancy.


August 1, 2018   |  Route Fifty
Impending worker shortages are likely to impact local and state governments. Recruiting younger employees is the obvious solution, but governments often lack the funding or the know-how to do so effectively. Two start-ups are aiming to change that.


July 27, 2018   |  George W. Bush Institute
During a journey across America with his wife, Deborah Fallows, The Atlantic's James Fallows observed a myriad of cities and towns. Which towns recovered most effectively from challenges? Fallows discovered that the answer lies less in national policy but in the local people who care deeply about their home town.


July 25, 2018   |  Fast Company
High-profile, high-budget park projects have woken up many cities to the benefits that green spaces can bring to neighborhoods. But new research shows that parks can be inexpensive, ubiquitous, and simple. Even at the scale of a vacant lot, simply seeing greenery can make us feel better.


July 18, 2018   |  Carl Vinson Institute of Government
The Carl Vinson Institute of Government has published the 2019 edition of Compliance Auditing in Georgia Counties and Municipalities. This is the only guide written especially to help those responsible for conducting a specific local government audit.


July 16, 2018   |  Route Fifty
Route Fifty’s research arm, Government Business Council (GBC), set out to identify what local government officials rank as the highest priorities when it comes to the future success of their communities. To that end, the organization collaborated with the U.S. Conference of Mayors and conducted an in-depth study on the priorities of city- and county-level government employees, including a large number of senior staff.


July 16, 2018   |  National League of Cities
The National League of Cities’ Center for City Solutions has analyzed occupations at three levels of automatability as well as the highest-ranking skills associated with those occupations. The goal of this report is to identify growing American occupations and their susceptibility to automation while helping city leaders recognize trends in their own communities.


June 21, 2018   |  Shelterforce
This blog post by the Center for Community Progress and Grounded Solutions Network explores how land banks and community land trusts can coordinate to optimize equitable development outcomes.


June 21, 2018   |  Center for Community Progress
Land banks have existed in the U.S. for more than four decades, but as recently as 2010, they were still a relatively unexplored community development tool. This guide provides clear historic context about the development of land banking and elucidates the rapid evolution of land banking.


June 21, 2018
Alpharetta's Employee Referral Program is designed as a partnership between the city and its most valued asset and best recruiters, the employees. The purpose of the program is to provide an incentive award to current employees who bring new talent to the city by referring applicants who are subsequently selected and successfully employed.


June 20, 2018   |  Lincoln Institute of Land Policy
The vacant homes strewn across many American cities create blighted gaps on the landscape. According to a new report, these empty reminders of past development may present community challenges, but can also be potential vehicles for change.


June 19, 2018   |  Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University
The annual State of the Nation’s Housing report, produced by the Joint Center for Housing Studies (JCHS) at Harvard University, offers an opportunity to assess where things stand from year to year. This 30th anniversary edition paints the picture of America’s housing as increasingly scarce and increasingly expensive.


June 19, 2018   |  Center For Community Progress

The Building American Cities Toolkit™, produced with support from Enterprise Community Partners, helps practitioners think through strategies, identify specific tools to carry out those strategies, and learn about communities elsewhere that have used those tools, to improve the land, buildings, neighborhoods and other areas that make up a city’s built environment.


June 19, 2018   |  Governing
Cities are turning to vacant property taxes to nudge property owners of retail and residential spaces to lease, develop or sell their properties before a short-term vacancy turns into blight. But the effectiveness of the tax depends on local circumstances.


June 18, 2018
House Bill 419 passed during the 2018 legislative session and was signed into law by Governor Nathan Deal. HB 419 gives local governments the ability to regulate fireworks based on local noise ordinances primarily through re-enacting noise ordinances to include fireworks. The resources here provide a few key points of the legislation and information regarding re-enactment of current ordinances.


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