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September 27, 2018   |  National League of Cities
On Wednesday, September 26, the Federal Communications Commission voted to approve a declaratory ruling and report and order that would enact harsh new preemptions of local authority over small cell wireless facility deployment and management of local rights-of-way. The order is expected to go into effect 30 days after publication of the final version in the Federal Register.


September 26, 2018   |  National League of Cities
A new National League of Cities (NLC) report analyzes how city leaders can develop resilient local waste management systems in response to China’s stringent new regulations. The report marks the beginning of a larger effort to examine sustainability in solid waste management and highlights effective local responses.


September 20, 2018   |  National League of Cities

A new report by the National League of Cities (NLC) and the Boston University Initiative on Cities (IOC), Mayoral Views on Racism and Discrimination, explores how mayors of medium-sized and large cities understand race, discrimination and equity in their communities and on a national level.


September 20, 2018   |  National League of Cities
The 2018 City Fiscal Conditions survey indicates that slightly more finance officers than last year are optimistic about the fiscal capacity of their cities. However, the level of optimism is still far below recent years.


September 17, 2018
Social media success for the Dalton PD began well before 2018. When the department first started its Twitter account in February of 2009, national media, including CNN, covered the page’s launch because the concept of law enforcement agencies utilizing social media was so novel at the time.


September 14, 2018
Kingsland Fire Chief Terry Smith got the call to fire services fairly early in his life. The call came in the form of screams for help from a woman whose grandson was stuck inside her burning house. Smith, a high school sophomore student at the time, was on a school bus that had stopped at the railroad tracks when they heard the woman’s cries for help.


September 14, 2018   |  Lincoln Institute of Land Policy
This review of more than 30 individual studies is the most comprehensive assessment to date of tax increment financing (TIF), a popular economic development tool.


September 13, 2018   |  Gale Horton Gay
Building trust between public safety officers and the community members they serve doesn’t happen without effort. Police departments throughout Georgia use a variety of strategies to keep the lines of communication open in their jurisdictions.


September 7, 2018   |  The Democracy Collaborative
Many communities across the country are facing new threats of instability, unaffordability, disempowerment, and displacement that are putting increased pressure on land and housing resources. This report provides an overview of strategies and tools to establish community control of land and housing.


August 27, 2018   |  National League of Cities (NLC)

This guide serves to explain small cell infrastructure and related policy issues in clear terms so that city leaders can thoughtfully plan for small cell deployments in their communities. The guide profiles five U.S. cities – Boston; Lincoln, Neb.; San Jose, Calif.; Raleigh, N.C., and Tempe, Ariz. – and their diverse approaches to small cell wireless infrastructure deployment.


August 24, 2018
A new twist on a traditional sport is finding its way in the city of Thomasville. A nine-hole FootGolf course was just installed at the Country Oaks Golf Course. 


August 23, 2018
Farmers markets across the state are popping up and bridg­ing the gap between local ven­dors and consumers. Fairburn Councilmember Hattie Portis-Jones shares the impact the city’s weekly market has on the community.


August 23, 2018   |  Gale Horton Gay
Some cities and communities are pri­oritizing inclusiveness and committing to it beyond just lip service.


August 22, 2018   |  The Brookings Institution
As cities enter the next phase of smart technology development, what are the specific strategies needed to realize a smart city vision? Atlanta's experience offers four lessons.


August 20, 2018   |  Engaging Local Government Leaders Network
It is difficult for people to talk about diversity, equity, and inclusion, especially people who are passionate about serving the public. But local governments are beginning to tackle these topics in order to serve everyone in an equitable manner.


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