City of Baldwin

PO Box 247
Baldwin, GA 30511-0247
Phone:(706) 778-6341
Fax:(706) 776-7970
Population (official): 3,279
Population (estimate): 3,298
RC: Georgia Mountains
GMA District: 2
Congressional District: 9
State Senate District: 50
State House District: 10, 28

Elected Officials

Jerry Neace
Council Member
Theron Ayers
Council Member
Joe Elam
Council Member
Larry Lewallen
Council Member
Dustin Mealor
Council Member
Jeffery Parrish

Other Officials*

City Administrator
Tommie Perry
City Attorney
David Syfan
City Clerk
Amanda Sexton
Wastewater Supt.
Chad Conard
Fire Chief
Joseph Roy
Water Supt.
David Chester
Municipal Court Judge
Robert Sneed
Code Enforcement
Joe Davidson
City Engineer
Jerry Hood
Municipal Court Clerk
Susan Bryson
Personnel Director
Tommie Perry
Finance Officer
Kimberly Smith
Police Chief
Chad Nicholds
Zoning Administrator
Amanda Sexton
Downtown Manager
Tommie Perry
*Functional titles only. Actual titles may vary from city to city.